About Us

The goals and objectives of the Central Raleigh Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), in the Wake County, N.C. area, are to:

  • Educate citizens in the community to be prepared to take care of themselves; family, friends and neighbors in the event of a disaster of any type until trained emergency responders can arrive. And accomplishing this through:

– Conducting training exercises for Central Raleigh CERT members and the general community during special events.

– Publicizing Central Raleigh CERT activities and programs to promote awareness of and support for the Central Raleigh CERT programs among government entities, businesses, communities, and individuals in Raleigh.

  • Establish the Central Raleigh Community Emergency Response Team as an emergency management resource of volunteers to help during an emergency. And accomplishing this through:

– Providing assistance to government agencies that request volunteer services within our scope of practice and training.

– Establishing functional relationships with the local government and emergency management officials in our area.

  • Equip and supply Central Raleigh CERT members with training and materials for disaster planning and preparedness to achieve their maximum potential to save lives and property when called upon. And accomplishing this through:

– Raising funds and solicits resources needed by Central Raleigh CERT Association and its members to achieve its goals and objectives.

– Meeting any needs of other Central Raleigh CERT Programs and CERT Teams in our area as they are identified.

– Growing and maintaining the Central Raleigh CERT Association membership.